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Friday, November 17, 2017

Only 3.5 Years for Man Who Held Down & Raped Bayport Child While Taunting Her

Quinton Lannue, DOB 1/15/1996, of the last known address of 605 Stillwater Rd #304 Willernie, MN was arrested in July of 2016 for violently raping a child it appears. In August 2017 he was convicted of the charge of 3rd degree criminal sexual conduct
Quinton Lannue
609.344.1(c) it appears.

According to the Criminal Complaint: Quinton Lannue found a 16 year old victim who worked at a local retail store. Lannue went to the victim’s house with alcohol and convinced the reluctant victim to drink with him according to the police report. The victim reported she didn’t feel safe and had two friends come over. When the two friends left to walk to a gas station and back Lannue was described to have forcibly held the victim down and raped her while taunting her. When the friends returned they found the child crying and hysterical. The police had DNA evidence sent. There are other horrifying details in the criminal complaint of the torture the child went through that we warn to read with caution.

Quinton Lannue was sentenced to "Stay of execution 62 months" according to MN State Statue 244.101 that means his sentence is 2/3 of the 62 months so he will only serve 41 months in prison (three and a half years) if he completes treatment in custody it appears. If he refuses than he will do the full 62 months (5 years). He will have 15 years probation. He has to register as a sex offender for the max of 10 years and pay a $50 fine it appears.

Children are hunted like prey by rapists like Lannue. They find their victim and find a way to get them alone and attack them. Minnesota Law and sentencing guidelines say such a child rapist should only be locked up for 3 and a half years in prison. The problem is further explained in our related article: Watchdog Review of Each of the Fifty States Sex Offender Laws Finds Minnesota Ranked the Most Unsafe

The solution is in Minnesota law makers hands to make it so if any aged child is raped they serve life in prison. Currently most child predators rarely do more than a year in jail and no more than 10 years on the sex offender registry. See more about the solution here: Rampant Sex Crime on Children, in Just 2yrs, 10 Cases From County Alone, 8 Simple Laws to Update

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Please Consider Helping Victims of Sexual Assault in Washington County with EmpowerSurvivors out of Stillwater. They are a 501(c3), every cent goes to the victims peer support. They also need office supplies for their location. See our post about them here:

DATE: 8/24/2017 
DEFENDANT: Quinton Riley Lannue 
AGENCY: Bayport Police Department 
JUDGE: B. William Ekstrum 
CONVICTION: Criminal Sex Conduct - 3rd Degree-Force or Coercion 
SENTENCE: Stay of execution; 15 years of probation; comply with Predatory Offender Registration; pay fine of $50 plus surcharge and fees;. State requested stay of execution and 62 months.

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