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Friday, September 28, 2018

Convicted Child Predator and Stillwater Mortgage Broker Charged With Two Counts of Child Rape

editor's note: MarketPlace home mortgage LLC states that Micheal Bergum is not employed by them. The original article believed he was employed there because the accused website and other sources stated he was a branch manager. Sorry for the inconvenience and please accept our updated post. 

A convicted child predator named Micheal Bergum of Stillwater who was a branch manager for a local mortgage company has been charged with two counts of child rape after engaging in a reported forced sexual encounter with a fifteen year old child earlier this month. In 2007 and 2008 Bergum was charged with a total of 13 counts of providing alcohol
to minors and five different charges of criminal sexual conduct ranging from 2nd degree to 5th degree it appears from MN court data pictured below. However, par the course, Washington County prosecutors gave him ridiculous plea deals and Bergum only ended up with a conviction for two counts of providing alcohol to minors and two non-felony counts of criminal sexual conduct. The two rape victims were both teenagers but the County didn't prosecute for child victims despite one being 16 and the reported use of the date rape drug "gorilla." One of the victims said she drank it thinking it was alcohol not knowing the term "gorilla" was slang for a date rape drug. The county dropped the felony convictions in exchange for misdemeanors. According to the BCA, it appears Bergum only served 6 months in Jail and 10 years of probation. 

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To only the surprise of do nothing law makers who haven't passed a sex offender bill into law in two years and the Washington County Prosecutors, Mike Bergum appears to have raped a child again. In a criminal complaint released by the county, they got a report from a 15 year old child this month. She said Bergum picked her up from a coffee shop. It was found the two eventually went back to his house at 104 Lakeside Drive Stillwater, MN 55082. The two had sex and the next morning when the child and Bergum began to have sex again the victim tried to stop him. It is not known from the criminal complaint if the sexual encounters were consensual or if she was under the influence of date rape drugs or alcohol at the time (not that a child can consent to sex).  Police confirmed from video surveillance from the coffee shop he picked up the child there as him and his SUV were on camera. The victim reported in detail to police to look for her black underwear of a specific brand she forgot in his home. Police found the her underwear in the home and unique details of the bedroom she accurately described.   

According to the criminal complaint when the child tried to stop Michael Bergum he "pulled her hair and grabbed her by the neck, asking "Did you like that?" Later that morning VICTIM asked the adult male to drive her home, and he told her that he would not do so until they again had sex." A source who says they know Bergum contacted us about doing an article after they said they over heard him bragging about how he'd get out of these rape charges just like the first time (in 2007 and 2008).  He was thought to be in conversation with his attorney on the phone.  We're inclined to believe this source because they messaged us to look into the story days before we knew from the county that he was arrested and charged. 

Will Mike Bergum again get to laugh in the face of the public as if nothing happened once again? Many convicted rapists from Washington County come back to sexually assault and rape again in the County after their first conviction or even second. These are just some of the articles from the last two years:
Convicted Child Rapist in Oakdale, Wanted for Rape Again, This Time A Baby Sitter, Weak Charges 

To see dozens more examples in the last two years of insane plea deals from Washington County prosecutors and the weak MN sex offender law letting the public down see:

In Minnesota, law makers and prosecutors believe child rapists can be "rehabilitated," do not need to be monitored, and can become good members of society. The evidence is the fact no bill has passed to make sex offender law more tough in the last two years. Also, Only several hundred of the over 20,000 convicted rapists in Minnesota are confined in prison. Most only do a couple years and then are released. More information here:

If you hope to see any law change, continue to contact law makers, especially Senator Warren Limmer who has refused to pass the sex offender bills in his key special committee in the Senate. 

It's clear that just because a child rapist is charged or convicted, doesn't mean justice will be served after sentencing if convicted. Therefore, if the punishment for ALL criminal sexual conduct crimes is raised than weak charges and convictions will be stronger. With the raised bar there won't be a thing as an outrageous plea deal to lesser rape charges or a weak sentence.

Tell legislators to also make the sex offender list public like nearly every other State in the Country does. All but MN, DC, and Maine have public lists. Maine only has 2,700 sex offenders in their state though. Compared to over 20,000 in MN. 

Booking #: 1809440 
Bergum Michael James 
Arrest Date Time: 9/20/2018 4:30:00 PM 
Arresting Officer(s): SW22248 Julien 
48 Hour Hold: 48 hr rule applies, exp.092218 at 1630 
I: Criminal Sex Conduct-3rd Degree-Victim 13-15 Actor greater than 24m older. MN 609.344.1(b), with reference to: 609.344.2(1)
II: Criminal Sex Conduct-3rd Degree-Force or Coercion. MN 609.344.1(c), with reference to: 609.344.2(1)
2007 and 2008 Court Records for Bergum

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