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Saturday, April 9, 2016

First Two Men Convicted from Child Trafficking Sting Walk with a Misdemeanor and Just Probation

See all the charged and convicted sex offenders since 2015 in Washington County at 
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4-26-15: Instead of just complaining we went to legislators bringing up this problem and 17 days later Senator Kathy Sheran sent us the proof she added to  SF2862 (the bill to update the law on sex stings) to require convictions with victims 13 and under to register as predatory offenders. Rep Joan Ward and Cindy Pugh also helped make this happen late session. The bill passed 59-0! 


In 2014 and 2015 the Washington County Attorney's office and local law enforcement set up two child sex trafficking "Sting" operations. It was very successful with 15 arrested. Four of those caught live in Washington County! Citizens responded and helped post: 

In our articles we explain the almost unbelievable problem in MN with registered sex offenders like convicted child rapists being completely anonymous from the public (Read the articles for details). Completely in line with this problem is the fact the first two men convicted from the child trafficking stings were convicted late March with only Misdemeanor convictions (after almost 2 years being free on the streets awaiting trial/conviction). Both men are free with barely a slap on the wrist with misdemeanor prostitution hire convictions... which caries no jail time, no sex offender registration, and just some probation. 

Is showing up to a hotel room with skittles, condoms, and cash to sexually violate who he thought was a deaf 14 year old girl fit the conviction received of hiring a prostitute? Essentially these guys had what they thought was a loaded gun to the head of a 14 year old deaf child's innocence and pulled the trigger only to find out the gun was not loaded and there was no child.

Pete Orput, the head of the Washington County Attorney's office said last year that sex trafficking of minors was "the most egregious crime that could be committed" when explaining why Washington County needed our own sex trafficking unit (which he was given). Orput said the ultimate goal was to "find the bastards and pile on

The first men caught in the prostitution stings were handed down their punishments... if you can call them that under his direction because they made a plea deal. The County prosecutor for the cases states the plea deals are made to avoid costly and lengthy trials. Also to avoid the chance of these offenders being found not guilty. By offering the plea deal on lesser charges they get the guilty verdict. In our opinion that does not seem like justice. Yes resources are limited; but why should that get in the way of the prosecution? Does handing out plea deals like this show the County Attorney is "Finding the bastards and piling on?"

Write our County Commissioners to better fund the County Attorney's Office so they can prosecute to the fullest extent of the;;;;

The other half of the weak punishment coin is MN sentencing guidelines and MN law. We found this out last year when law makers followed our request to DOUBLE the punishment for Child Trafficking from 10 years/ $20,000 to 20 years/ $40,000. We found the effort was a waste because sentencing guidelines force judges to hand out basically 2 years probation and a $50 fine see the dozen+ examples: 
From Kare11: “We know of no other state in the union with sentencing as weak as Minnesota’s for child sexual exploitation.” 
Report: MN weak on protecting children from exploitation

Write legislators to find ways to increase the penalties for child predators like this. 

Michael Tallman
He arranged to meet who he thought was a 14 year old "deaf" child for sex. Stating he wanted to teach her about sex. 
He brought skittles to the arranged meeting place where he was arrested.
Sentenced on March 2016
CONVICTION: Prostitution Hire 
SENTENCE:  30 days jail and 2 years of probation, $1,000 fine, psychosexual evaluation and treatment, and no contact with minors.
County says computer
down. No photo of O'Boyle
He arranged to meet who he thought were two girls in a hotel room who were 14 and 15 
years old and the price for a half hour was $80 and $125 for the full hour. 
Sentenced on March 2016
CONVICTION: Prostitution - Hire             
SENTENCE: 30 days in jail, $1,000 fine, 2 years of probation, and take all medications as prescribed. 

Petty theft and Drunk Driving have stiffer penalties:
It's sad these two get to basically walk with misdemeanors and a couple years probation and a woman in the same conviction report, Tara Marie Hess, gets a more harsh sentence of 3 years probation, 86 days served in jail, has to submit a DNA sample, no use of drugs or alcohol, subject to random testing, have a psych eval, and pay a whopping $15.75 of restitution to the victim... For receiving $15.75 worth of stolen property according to her conviction.  

These men will continue on like nothing happened and if they're ever asked by an employer or someone asking about their conviction they can easily lie to explain "it was only a prostitution conviction." Because there is no way to look up the details on the truth. The Bureau of Criminal Apprehension website will only show that it was a prostitution conviction and that's if they know his birth-date. The only way to find record  of the truth that minors were involved is to contact the County and ask for the criminal complaint.... until our article, we didn't even know this... safe to say the public is in the dark and these guys are walking.

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