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Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Child Protection League and Readers Help WCW Release Public Data on Child Predators

For nearly four years the volunteers at Washington County Watchdog have been posting the public data on charged and convicted sex offenders in Washington County. All but a few (literally) are child predators. Most of whom do little to no prison time. Unfortunately the County charges $5 per booking photo. Thankfully, we have generous readers who have chipped in and contributed over the years. We just completed our third successful fund raising campaign and would like to share the news with you as well as thank the many donors. A large donation of $100 by the Mankato based Child Protection League (CPL) helped us quickly meet our goal. In appreciation, we have their website tagged on our side

100% of the money goes to to pay the Washington County fee for the $5 per booking photo. Donations are tracked on so the public and donors know the sum of money being handled is the full sum being handed over. We subsequently release the proof of the 100% transfer of funds in articles like this as proof. We pride ourselves on being fiscally responsible by first trying to get photos of the child rapists faces from free sources, such as the 46 other states (not MN) that publicly list booking photos and crimes of their rapists. Out of state child predators flock to MN because they can live in the shadows here. 

In 2015 you gave $120 and it lasted an entire year. We made the 2016 total donation of $140 last two years. Again, thanks to the generous donations from readers and CPL we made our goal of $175. (see pictures below)  

Until Minnesota fixes it's horrifyingly weak sex offender laws, starting by publicly listing the 20,000+ released sex offenders in MN, we need to continue to raise awareness this way in hopes legislators will change our weak laws. 
Watchdog Review of Each of the Fifty States Sex Offender Laws Finds Minnesota Ranked the Most Unsafe 

Thank you for your continued support and understanding that this is extremely rare we ask for help.

Washington County Watchdog is not a PAC, political organization, or a business. We're all volunteer and don't make a penny with the site or activities. We don't endorse any candidates or political parties.

See  for more of our work to keep you informed on dangerous child predators living in our community. Please contact our local legislators to get them to author and co-sponsor sex offender bills. Over the last few years only Representative Matt Grossell has authored bills to make sex offender laws truly better.

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