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Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Keith Franke, Breaks His Constitutional Oath with Yes Vote on 28 out of 31 Multi Subject Bills

MSBs or Multi Subject Bills are a direct violation of Minnesota State Constitution Article 4, Sections 8 and 17. The Constitution clearly states that one bill should not have more than one subject.

MSBs are the primary source for every increasing state debt. Stand alone bills that would not pass on their own, are swept into massive MSB bills, many in the final days of a legislative session when few if any of these bills are read…let alone reviewed with any scrutiny. Last Session one of these bills was $1.5 billion dollars, only 7 republicans voted against this bill (none from Washington County).

The following is a list of MSBs bills from the 2017 legislative session. Keith Franke violated his oath no fewer than 28 times on 31 bills.

1. SF1 Yes
2. SF1549 Yes
3. SF 605 Yes
4. SF 780 Yes
5. HF 888 Yes
6. HF 890 Yes
7. SF 800 Yes
8. SF1124 Yes
9. SF482 Yes
10. HF861 Yes
11. SF803 Yes
12. SF1937 Yes
13. SF2214 Yes
14. HF4  Yes
15. SF1457 No
16. HF140 No
17. HF179 Yes
18. HF1545 Yes
19. SF943 Yes
20. HF707 Yes
21. SF514 Yes
22. SF844 Yes
23. SF1456 Yes
24. HF470 Yes
25. SF550 Yes
26. HF1443 Yes
27. SSHF1 No
28. SSHF3 Yes
29. SSSF1 Yes
30. SSHF2 Yes
31. SSHF5 Yes

Keith Franke has proven his inability to honor his oath.

Keith Franke is not deserving of your vote for re-election.

If you care to check to see how your state representatives voted on the 2017 MSBs visit this link:
SS prefix on bills indicates Special Session bills.

Now is the time to get serious about electing representatives that will honor their oaths and adhere to the founding principle of a Constitutional limited government.

-Leon Moe

“Educate and inform the whole mass of the people... They are the only sure reliance for the preservation of our liberty”. ~ Thomas Jefferson