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Sunday, January 21, 2018

Speaker Kurt Daudt's MN Republican House Mafia Plans to Primary Against the GOP Endorsed Candidate

picture of Jeremy Munson from
his webpage 
Letter submitted to Washington County Watchdog and written to Speaker of the MN House Kurt Daudt regarding the 23B race to replace Tony Cornish who resigned. This is relative to Washington County because here too we've seen candidates that Kurt Daudt and his "Republican House Mafia" of establishment MN Republicans want elected pushed on us. Here the delegates chose the more fiscal conservative Jeremy Munson over the establishment pick and yet still they attack him and plan to primary against him January 29th before the February 12th vote. See more from the Alpha News MN article by John Gilmore: 
Jeremy Munson, The Republican House Mafia & The Primary Race In 23B

Dear Kurt,

I have heard from several folks that you have been actively campaigning
for a candidate to "primary" Jeremy Munson, who won the GOP endorsement
overwhelmingly for Tony Cornish's vacated seat. Is that true?

While I don't know Jeremy Munson at all, or the challenger, it is about
principle. I have always believed that ALL republicans should support
the endorsed candidate, period.

The Speaker of the House, in my opinion, should be a person who unifies
the party and STANDS BEHIND the delegates' choices. Supporting a
candidate to "primary" the endorsed candidate is a slap in the face to
every delegate in Minnesota, it seems to me, and results in division
within the party and severely harms election efforts.

If you have so little respect for the delegate process, why do you
continually seek the GOP endorsement for yourself?

Your regrettable action reminds me of John Kline's recent support for
the candidate who "primaried" Jason Lewis, after the delegates supported
Mr. Kline for over a decade. How pathetic.

Do the right thing now, Kurt, consider the damage that this causes to
your party and get behind the endorsed candidate and show some much
needed leadership. It will benefit all of us. Isn't GOP supposed to
mean "Grow Our Party"? How can the party grow when its leaders display
contempt and disrespect for the choices of delegates?

Andy Cilek
Eden Prairie