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Saturday, January 21, 2017

Proposed Mahtomedi Ice Arena will Violate Purchase Agreement if Built on Former Dump Site

Shannon Pohl Bryant

NOTICE: To the taxpayers, community and Mahtomedi Hockey Parents, we the taxpayers of the Mahtomedi School District request you immediately STOP and cease giving any further donations to Rinc 2 Inc. to build a private hockey arena on the former Bellaire Sanitation Site, directly west of Wildwood Elementary. 

For one many taxpayers have many concerns about the safety of this site. But most important is the 2004 Sales Purchase Agreement between Seller Waste Management of Minnesota, Inc. and Purchaser Mahtomedi School District.
(here's a few pages of the 60 page document

The purchase agreement contains a "perpetual" and never ending restricted covenant on building ANY structure requiring footings or foundation over the "MMDA" Mixed Municipal Disposal Area, this is the exact location of the proposed hockey arena. 

Community members strongly feel that it is in the best interest of the taxpayers of ISD 832 to not get in to litigation with multi-million dollar company Waste Management, who did not end on good terms with this school district after the school district refused to give back their $400,000 escrow deposit. 

This group feels terrible for the hard working families that already donated significant dollars to this project. WE don't understand if this is ignorance on the part of Mahtomedi School District or dishonesty, as the school district is attempting to collect a $500,000 escrow deposit for this project. However, the lease for the proposed hockey arena to Rinc 2 Inc. was approved by the School Board in September. 

School Board Members Kevin Donovan and Judith Schwartz served on the school board in 2004 when this contract was executed and signed and should have known these important details. As current and former Zephyrs, it is in our best interest to honor contracts we made, not to risk health and safety of our children, and not to risk expensive litigation with Waste Management. Please share with other community members that have a vested interested in this school district