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Monday, May 18, 2015

County Parking Lot Repave Goes $1.1 Million Over Budget

In June of 2013 Washington County on a new $2.5 million dollar parking lot re-pavement project at the County Government Center in Stillwater. We covered the story at the time highlighting the fact even $2.5 million seemed excessive as the pavement did not appear that bad (see pictures).

Over the next year the County Board unanimously approved additional upgrades that totaled hundreds of thousands of dollars in added costs. Initially the Board seemed to have a moment of common sense, realizing a facility that is not open at night and that has a sheriff's department attached does not need $300,000 in outdoor lighting (p.10 of July 9th 2013 board minutes). However, this was short lived.

In 2014 we covered the fact that the $300,000 for the lighting was back and the total for the project was up to $3.4 million in July 2014.

Now the project is finished. According to the May 12th, 2015 County Board meeting minutes the project was:
-Supposed to take 18 months... and actually took 48 months to complete
-Supposed to cost $2,497,735 ... and actually cost $3,603,517 ($1,105,782 over budget)

This comes on the heels of the March Cost Overrun Workshop Reveals Cure is Worse Than the Disease. Referring to the County not only missing many of the worst cost overruns in the projects they oversee; but also coming up with the most ridiculous solutions to face the problem. Such as limiting public involvement.

Contact your county commissioners to demand better oversight: 651-430-6211 651-738-2425 651-430-6213 651-430-6215 651-430-6214

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